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Bumfuzzled #9: BUBL Machinator

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The "BUBL Machinator," a mind-bending wooden conundrum, unveils a mesmerizing contraption that harks back to a time when the world's marvels were wrought with craftsmanship. Within this puzzle, intricate, whimsical pieces assemble into a fantastical orange machine, a marvel in itself. This contraption churns with a network of twisting pipes, each component meticulously designed. With every twist and turn, this puzzling mechanism produces bubbles of enchanting beauty, evoking a sense of whimsy from a bygone era. The "BUBL Machinator" is a timeless riddle that beckons the inquisitive to navigate the winding pathways of imagination and engineering within the comforting warmth of colorfully polished wood.

The Summer Series is a series of extremes, as it contains both the lowest piece count Bumfuzzled, and this 184 piece puzzle, the highest in the series thus far! While the Bumfuzzled series has generally been fairly abstract art, this puzzle is also far more illustrative.

The Bumfuzzled series of puzzles are released in limited print runs. This puzzle will be available until September 30th or sellout, whichever happens first!

Specs: 184 pieces. Puzzle material is 5 mm HDF with birch veneer.