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Bumfuzzled #8: Epochal Interlinks

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"Epochal Interlinks," a wooden enigma of yore, stands as a testament to craftsmanship and ingenuity. Its intricately designed pieces depict a mesmerizing assembly of abstract, robotic machinery parts, intricately linked by a labyrinth of tubes and connectors. This puzzling masterpiece conjures a vision of industrial artistry - gadgets and gizmos woven together in a mesmerizing dance. As each piece interlocks with cunning precision, it challenges the intellect and takes the solver on a journey through a retro-futuristic world where imagination knows no bounds; an invitation to rediscover the artistry of bygone mechanical marvels through the whimsy of wood.

At 73 pieces, this is the lowest piece count of any Bumfuzzled, but probably the most difficult due to the large number of drop-outs and sometimes-tricky connections.

The Bumfuzzled series of puzzles are released in limited print runs. This puzzle will be available until September 30th or sellout, whichever happens first!

Specs: 73 pieces. Puzzle material is 5 mm HDF with birch veneer.