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Bumfuzzled #7: Aerostat Eve

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"Aerostat Eve," a wooden marvel of yesteryears, unfurls a captivating tale of dusk-kissed whimsy. Crafted with an artisan's finesse, this puzzle boasts an array of furling pieces that together compose a dreamy tableau. Hot air balloons suspend in the dusky evening sky, their vivid hues sparking a whiff of nostalgia. Each piece is a testament to a bygone era, inviting the seeker to piece together this tranquil and timeless scene. As day yields to night in the puzzle's assembly, "Aerostat Eve" offers a journey back in time, a serene challenge for those who yearn to relive the elegance of twilight through the artistry of wood and whimsy.

The Bumfuzzled series of puzzles are released in limited print runs. This puzzle was in the Spring 2024 Colllection, and retired June 30th, 2024.

Specs: 10.5" x 10.5". Puzzle material is 5 mm HDF with birch veneer.