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Bumfuzzled #10: Chromacular Meander

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Behold the "Chromacular Meander," a wooden enigma that harks back to days of old when craftsmanship reigned supreme. Crafted with the utmost precision, it comprises a winding path of intricate, whimsical pieces, meandering with the colors of the rainbow. This colorful odyssey, with its connectors uniform and its hues transitioning gracefully, is a challenge of both intellect and discernment. As one endeavors to assemble this serpentine puzzle, the only guide is the radiant gradient of colors, leading the way through a captivating journey of artistry and imagination. The "Chromacular Meander" is a treasure that invites you to wander through a vivid spectrum of days gone by.

Every respectable puzzle company needs a gradient puzzle, so here's our take on it! A tricky puzzle, as all of the connectors are uniform, with the puzzle largely solved by sequencing the gradient properly.

The Bumfuzzled series of puzzles are released in limited print runs. This puzzle will be available until September 30th or sellout, whichever happens first!

Specs: 169 pieces. Puzzle material is 5 mm HDF with birch veneer.